pottery wheel introduction class 𐃡

Hi friends!

I’ll be teaching a pottery wheel introduction class on Saturday, July 13th 3pm-5pm at Pink Ember Studio.

This class is perfect for beginners who want to dip their toes in the world of the wheel and learn the initial skills needed to create basic ceramic vessels like cups and bowls.

During the class students will aim to make 2-4 pieces and choose their favourite piece to be clear glazed and fired. It will be ready for pick up around three weeks after the class.

Imagine yourself making a vessel to sip your morning coffee in, or maybe make a gift for a treasured friend!

Click here for bookings.

Saturday, July 13th
From 3pm to 5pm
At Pink Ember Studio (22 Allenby St, Coburg North)

PS: Ceramic classes at Pink Ember Studio are relaxed, friendly and LGBTQIA+ safe, with a maximum capacity of eight participants per class.

Ari ♡